I am running faster
catch me if you can
tag, you’re it!
You shout
and we begin again.

Simple games
full of laughter
on a summer day
our mother’s refrain:
go outside and play!

Today our children
punch buttons
hand-held solitary play
no hop-scotch, jump rope
summer salts on grass so sweet.

Their fun comes in
canned games of war
their silence replacing
laughter in a summer day.

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4 Responses to Faster

  1. Pat, how well I remember the shout to go out and play, this generation are starting sedentary before life gets dull with work taking over from play. Thank you for this reminder of happier times xoxo


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  3. Peter Klopp says:

    One last look before I go to bed! Your post with the poem with the important message about the importance of the old-fashioned mother’s command: Go out and play! Thank you, Pat, that was a good night’s treat!


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