Another Day

Today is another day
it is a day of possibilities.
Shall I wear a yellow dress or green
go on this road or that?

One choice added to another
weaves the pattern of this day.

Using a background of love
I weave a strand of generosity
another of faith
next comes the brilliant color of joy
with lots of laughter thrown in.

Can you see the pattern forming?
Serenity, happiness, truthfulness
revealing the pattern as a whole.

My choices have woven
a rug of love
upon which I sleep tonight
waking up to another day
full of possibility.

I need only choose.

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2 Responses to Another Day

  1. JanBeek says:


    C hoices define us –
    H appy is the one who
    O wes no one money and
    I s satisfied with what one has,
    C ontent to share with
    E veryone in need and
    S erve the less fortunate.


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