Working Toward Change


Where there are deserts
once stood towering forests
lakes with sweet water
stand stagnate with sludge.
Smog hands above cities
a purplish cloak of death
oceans filled with oil spills
plastic, dying fish and birds.

Sickness prevails
supermarkets selling
chemical-laden food
even “fresh” foods
are contaminated.

Yet there are some
who are working to
change the destruction.
Each of us had the opportunity
to help this dying world.

Look around you
do what you can
love our Earth
and each other
love yourself
enough to care.

Though known today for its vast stretches of desert, the region was home to verdant ecosystems in ancient times.

Few people know that pine and cedar forests once carpeted wide sections of the region, and that the area teemed with large wildlife. It is little known that in the Lebanese port city of Sidon, for example, hippos and lions once thrived in green areas long surrendered to a modern urban sprawl now typical in the region.


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2 Responses to Working Toward Change

  1. MyBeirut says:

    Nice read! The Lebanese cedars are amazing. Actually, all of Lebanon is… recommended 🙂


  2. Morgan says:

    Love this reminder that we all play a vital role in maintaining the beauty around us. Thank You!

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