Why Suffer?


Is there a purpose
to suffering?
What role does suffering
play in our spiritual journey?

Think, dear ones, as if
your life depends
on it
it does!

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16 Responses to Why Suffer?

  1. Britton says:

    Are we that afraid of standing stark naked without the so called cover of spirituality, philosophy and so on and on?


  2. Passion says:

    So great thoughts to read 😀

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  3. mkesling63 says:

    Self suffereing not anothers suffereing. There is no room for another demanding you to suffer theirs too.

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  4. Beautiful and thought provoking.

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  5. DivineGrace says:

    Suffering wakes us up to the sacredness of life. It cuts us down and allow us to relate to each other in ways we probably would not if we had not suffer. It humbles us and teach us compassion. We are all connected through Suffering. Suffering returns us to Love. Love is our divine being.


  6. 1EarthUnited says:

    Perhaps suffering is a function of the mind. Our thinking perceives something as a loss and we physically, mentally, emotionally ache. The purpose of suffering is to teach us to be in the heart. In the realm of the heart there can be no such suffering, for the heart is where your spirituality resides.


    • Pat Cegan says:

      Exactly, it is a perception of the pain, sadness, etc. When we are in a difficult situation, if we can change our attitude, our way of view the problem to one of a positive view, i.e., surrender, faith, hope, etc. we suffer less. Thank you for your well stated observation. hugs, pat


  7. dykewriter says:

    I kept being told suffering is optional

    but since we respond to our environment

    it just seems to be a condition of existance


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