A Book

portal to adventure
into a world where all is allowed.
I morph into villain or hero
laugh, cry, wonder what’s next
Always a bit sad
when the story ends
reluctantly returning me
back to this world
where the hero or villain
must take out the garbage.

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5 Responses to A Book

  1. chris jensen says:

    Pat, is that you?

    Wow, an still writing a storm!

    hugs & kisses chris


    • Pat Cegan says:

      No, I am younger and more beautiful😂

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      • chris jensen says:

        Forgive me, younger?

        i like younger, nonetheless happy i see it in your write…

        i’ve not forgotten, about a promise that i’ve made about time…

        i need to ask, have caught me on line naked? Say rule applies….

        Ask your god, ifinn there is a place off the planet other heaven, hell just a fantasy..

        Very can survive cold harsh space…

        Would you believe, a drug addict from the streets of the midnight city one of two, whom has the gift of mermaids breath..


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