Replacing Computer


Lying in a hammock
reading a good book
has replaced too many
hours in front of the computer.

Walks in the floresta
with a joyous puppy
beats FaceBook platitudes
any day.

Today I am grateful for
the bolt of lighting
which knocked out my computr.
Wonder why God has to go to
go to such extremes
to get my attention.

Hello, God, yes, I am here.

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4 Responses to Replacing Computer

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  2. Thank you Pat for all that you have shared.. Happy New Year to you xxx Sue


  3. We tend to get a little sidetracked in life Pat, it takes a little bit more to re-gain our attention 🙂
    Happy New Year my friend, may the new year come in with another bolt of lightening or two, that should get our attention back 😀


  4. This is so beautiful and heart-warming! Well written.

    Have a look at my recent post too and share your views >>


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