Tattle Tales by Granny #2

I am inspired by this picture to do more exercise. I started a couple of weeks ago working in the garden again. I now can pick up the hose without groaning.

“Tattle Tales by Granny” is inspired by my maternal grandmother, who was a bit of a character. All of us grandchildren adored her and took care of her when she was supposed to be taking care of us.

Granny on Love
Never was a young ‘un who didn’t need more rocking. Come sit in Granny’s lap.

Granny on Fashion
Got me a pair of them sexy high heel shoes. I can only wear them sitting down!

Granny can fix anything!
That fool dog ate a chunk out of the cake I was decorating. No problem– just stuffed the hole with more coconut. Everyone loves my coconut cake!

Granny on house cleaning
I keep my broom by the door so if anyone comes, I can start sweeping. That way they think I’m in the middle of cleaning up this mess!

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8 Responses to Tattle Tales by Granny #2

  1. Love it Pat, just the best people grammas are 😉


  2. Morgan says:

    That is just Amazing!!! Wonderful 🙂 Blessings, Friend~


  3. natesway says:

    Haha that was a great read, thank you for that! It’s good to hear people working to stay active, not only is it beneficial physically but mentally keeps you feeling young!


  4. Sounds like a fun granny 🙂


  5. Sam says:

    :-)… you put a smile on my face Pat… Thank you… hugs and kisses, Samer.


  6. Kim Nelson says:

    Granny was one smart cookie. I think she must have known my Gram!


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