Tattle Tales by Granny #1

“Tattle Tales by Granny” is inspired by my maternal grandmother, who was a bit of a character. All of us grandchildren adored her and took care of her when she was supposed to be taking care of us. She had a childlike innocence about her in spite of raising five kids alone when her young husband died. This was during the Great Depression and life was hard for many people but Granny always had a smile, a laugh and a good reason to cry. She was a master at laughing and crying at the same time. Not all of the Tattle Tales are from her but I will let you guess which are.Hope you enjoy them.


Granny’s Passions
My grandson asked me what flavor of ice cream I like best. I told him I like Passion Fruit ice cream. I keep hoping it helps me remember (hehehe).

Granny’s Advice
I asked the plastic surgeon how much would it cost to get everything lifted. He said, “Why, do you want to play basketball?” So I socked him!

Granny’s Fears
I got me one of those sexy bikini underwear thingys. But after I put it on, I couldn’t find it.

Granny and the Grandkids
My grandkids asked me to have a bubble blowing contest with them. We each took a piece of bubble gum and tried to see who could blow the biggest bubble. I blew so hard that my dentures fell out all stuck together. Henry, the youngest, said I farted when the teeth flew out, but I am sure he just heard my bubble bursting. It was a winner!

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11 Responses to Tattle Tales by Granny #1

  1. ViewPacific says:

    Ha! Oh sure, blame the bubble gum…


  2. LOL! Awe what a hoot! Absolutely hilarious Pat! I think I would have loved to have met her… Great post!


  3. Baad Seher says:

    My granny was the greatest chef I ever knew. Her real life stories and the bed-time stories…*sigh* I can never ever forget anything.


    • Pat Cegan says:

      My other grandmother was a wonderful cook, too. But this grandmother….we used to beg not to have to visit her during mealtime. She was famous for her terrible snowball cake. A dry, lopsided concoction that ruined the idea of coconut cake. I wonder how my grandchildren will remember me? I used to tell them scary adventures stories at bedtime (long before Harry Potter…too bad I did not write them down and sell them). They loved it as they were the heros, but then couldn’t go to sleep because they were afraid. I would sit in the dark with them telling them I would guard them while they slept. We laugh about it now but I suppose it would have been better to tell less scary stories. 🙂 Hugs, pat


  4. Sam says:



  5. Pat Cegan says:

    Dear Pat,
    This is a great addition. I love the Children’s Wisdom kid and look forward to it every day. Can’t wait to see what shows up for Granny! Hugs, pat


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