Splendid Moments


How quick, insubstantial
are our lives
when, in a blink of an eye
all can be lost
leaving our worries and ambitions
a wave that never crashes
time wasted for what
never came to be

Whatever will come
will come. We can be
thankful for it or not.
Let us dance in the moonlight
make love until dawn
tiptoe in morning dew
rejoice in being alive
if only for this moment
so splendid, so divine
that it brings me to tears.

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7 Responses to Splendid Moments

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  2. ViewPacific says:

    Yes! This moment is all we have, in the joy and Miracle of being alive.
    Thanks for the well-written celebratory reminder.

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  3. chris jensen says:

    as all the world
    shall be mine!

    Smoking Weed now Pat?


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