The Touch


Our touch soothes, heals, delights
yet how often we are reluctant
to touch each other
in love and fellowship
a hug, shaking of hands
pat on the back
soothing caress
belly and back rubs
foot massage
so many ways to give
this gift of love
free to all who care


  1. The thing I miss most about my husband since he passed away is the exchange of touch. Intimacy.

    I think how very little I am touched since he is gone and how very little I touch other people. A huge chunk is missing in my life.


    • One of the things I love about Brazil is that people hug…a lot. How is it that one culture knows the value of touch and the other sees it only as a sexual implication? Here people walk down the street holding hands, greet each other with kisses and hugs, and laugh a lot. Oh, and we take naps in hammocks, too. 🙂 hugs for you, Ann, and a big kiss, too! pat

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