What I Am


If I am space
what is the jar?
If I am a shoreless sea
who makes the waves?
If I am in all beings
all beings are in me.

I imagine universes
into existance.
In doing so, I am
neither enhanced
nor diminished
so what am I?
I am Awareness alone.

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7 Responses to What I Am

  1. Meimei says:

    Thank you, Path – It s about my favourite colour: green jade, about springtime and hope. 🙂

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  2. I really like the photo of this bridge very beautiful! your poem is very in-depth


  3. kneal1 says:

    this is def. my vibration match …lovely


  4. Meimei says:

    I like a lot “If I am a shoreless sea/ who makes the waves?”
    And to answer at the question from the title, “What I am?” ,
    I am the Green Jade – http://www.autentici.ro/en/poezii/verdele-de-jad-de-malina-paun.html


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