Happy Birthday, Mom


Today is my mother’s birthday;
how I miss her.
She was funny, smart and steady
unappreciated by me at times.

We had terrible battles
right to the end
yet loved each other
just the same.

She’s been gone so many years.
It’s taken me all this time
to know the gifts she
gave to me, love throughout all time.


  1. So true Pat — My mother died very young and has now been dead longer than she was alive. Yet each year that passes, I understand the true gifts she imparted to me during her brief sojourn on Earth. Open-heartedness, curiosity, a courage to be myself and her belief in ME, even when we saw things differently. She is one of my most devoted cheerleader guardian angels and appears at my side whenever I get myself into one of those situations where only a Mother’s love can bail me out. Brava! Happy Birthday Mom, Alia


    • Thank you for sharing this with us, Alia. Our relationship with our mothers is important and unparrelled. Yours was very special and how beautiful that you know of her presence with you now. hugs to you both, pat

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