You, the Master



The master follows
his nature, not the trappings
of the material world.
He follows the firm voice
within, ignoring the whimsy
of empty promises.

You are a master
even if only a seedling
not quite ready to burst
forth in bloom.
All your potential is
there within needing
only your intention
to grow, to know
to be all you
are meant to be.


  1. I have definitely found that staying true to myself is much more satisfying than staying true to what society tells me I must. We are all individuals 🙂

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  2. Reblogged this on ANDREYYTESBLOG and commented:
    I am a king and you are also… We both are on a journey… You shouldn’t try to journey my own… everyone has got a script to act out… You are unique and would only break a bone if you try to journey my own… Great piece people…

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