Our Own Free Will


Source does not impose
worship, slavish service, or
punishment for we must
in our own hearts voluntarily
recognize and love Him.

The Creator does not
coerce or compel
leaving us with free will

It is our own choosing
to give the gift of
following God’s will
that brings us closer
to Source in all
His loving perfection.

When we become truly
God-conscious discovering
the indwelling presence
of Source, it is a natural
evolution to see more
contact, more understanding
of this supreme connection.

Ultimately we awaken to the knowing
that we are not separate,
that we are truly One with All.


  1. As you say, Pat, God provides free will. We can choice what we should or what we want.
    An auto salesman gives us a manual to follow when we purchase a new car. Its purpose is to direct us in the proper care and use of the car so it will perform to its utmost potential as was the intention of the designer.
    So too, God provides us with a manual as well. Its purpose is to guide us in right living as He intended so we can fulfill those intentions, in our unique ways, that He has for us all. And when we choose to follow His manual, we find contentment.


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