Our Lady of the Tourch

statue of liberty

Torch held high, she welcomes
all to the land of the free.
It used to be very clear
what freedom is
but it isn’t any more.

Who is free in the world
of masked slavery
kept in rat’s mazes
tied to never ending mortgages
inhibited by social demands?

Can one be free in a war torn
land, or when one is hungry
afraid, restricted at every turn?

Yet I can tell you, yes, for freedom
must come from within;
when you are filled
with the knowing of the soul,
nothing will ever imprison
you again.


  1. We are freed from something to be free for something. Our freedom is in choice. We can choose what we sould do or what we want. Those who are in position of power and can give direction to the world have chosen the latter. Power without doubt corrupts.
    Yet, as individuals, we can choose otherwise, in following our consciences.

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