ocean liner

Ocean liner sails the seas
people wallowing in luxury
while others are dying
of hunger and war
still others are buying
more and more

There’s great wealth
to be had
but its not shared
and that is sad

There is a simple solution, folks.
If you have more than you need,
share it with others!


  1. Sorry I’m a bit late… you might not get this Pat . I m constantly banging on about the unfairness in the world so I try to give as much as I can . I give clothes etc to charity shops , I buy my clothes from charity shops , my friend and myself give each other what we call a rag bag ( they aren’t rags but if they were I’d use them as dusters ) . I pass magazines on etc . I feel good to get a bargain and I’m helping someone at the same time .


    • Good for you. I live where nothing is thrown away, rather repaired and used again and again or passed on to someone who needs it more. I saw a wonderful film on Cuba whose people have become masters at reusing as the US has prevented them from importing for generations. I was astounded how clever and resourceful they were with what they had. hugs, pat


  2. Reblogged this on From guestwriters and commented:
    In the Holiday time we may think of all those travelling in a world of fantasy and magic, but we must also remember those who can only have such travels in their dreams and imagination.
    In this world full of contrast we can find many who are not aware of what a luxury they really have. They are blinded by all the material stuff around them and do not see the real richness of life, what it has to offer and where it can bring us.
    Many of them, find their death still frustrated they could not have this or that. they assembled so much only for themselves, so that they could not see others around them. They have forgotten they can not do anything with all that material stuff when they die, and how there are much more important matters in life to give a better life money cannot buy.
    Those who seem poor perhaps are much richer in spirit and shall find a better and endless life in the future. Bless their souls.


  3. I admire the simplicity of that solution. Some people have gotten that news. Norway, for example, has one of most even wealth sharing. Meanwhile, the sickness of accumulation is hardly mentioned in other cultures. In fact, some praise and celebrate those who have “made it” with the “success” of hoarding enough for many lifetimes.
    Let’s instead highlight those enlightened philanthropists who are learning to share and benefit others. Let’s support those everyday people who lend a hand or heart.

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