Beware of False Prophets

Tricksters abound, deceiving
the naive and foolish seekers.
Sleight of hand, silver tongued,
they promise pots of gold
at the end of the rainbow, but
deliver only Darkness.

Don’t be fooled by false
miracles, which dissolve
like cotton candy on the
tongue. The true “guru,”
“master,” “savior of the world,”
is revealed within. Follow
this inner voice, which
guides each of us; use
discernment at all times.

If it does not feel right,
wait to act. All doubt will
disappear when the time is
right. Doors will open,
obstacles will disappear,
and you will know with certainty.
And, so it is, Amen.


  1. True. People are tempted to make tremendous wrong changes in their lives because all those sugar-coated bitter personalities. We should pray and ask God to protect us from such evil.


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