What’s Mine


What is mine?
I do not wish to share
with you for this is mine.
Are creative works
really the property
of the hand that brought
them forth, or is our
creativity channeled
from Source to be
enjoyed by all?

Is money the cause of
refusal to openly share?
Is it pride in creative
work? What would the world
be like if we all shared our
art and music without concern
for payments or fame–just
people spreading beauty
across the globe for the
sheer joy of it.

Certainly we do not have to
pay to hear birds sing, or to
walk in fields of wildflowers.
Why do we have to pay now for
a drink of water, or to use
the bathroom, for someone to
pray for us, or to attend a
workshop to learn how to love
each other? Why has making money
and buying more and more become
our primary focus?

Let’s examine our values
carefully, Dear Friends.
Is work and money really
all life is about?


  1. Pat,

    I understand your point about ownership of intellectual property and fair use. What a beautiful way thou have chosen to state it!

    When I move on from there to a bit of dialogue in “The Bear” (a longer short story) by William Faulkner, which also addresses the idea of ownership, I see a different point of view. This time the question is about the land men work so hard for in order to pass an inheritance to their heirs.

    “The Bear” is primarily about a yearly bear hunt. Near the end the major character, Isaac McCaslin, age 21, is expected to assume control of the family plantation, which is his by inheritance. He renounces it and declares his belief that the land cannot be owned, that the curse of God’s Earth is man’s attempt to own the land, and that curse led to slavery and the destruction of the South.

    Now return to the idea of intellectual property… Several years ago I scanned a page from a book printed in the late 1800’s, which featured a poem by Elizabeth Barrett Browning—“A Woman’s Question” (also called “A Woman’s Heart”). When I did a Google search, I find this same poem online (http://tinyurl.com/mxhfzf), the authorship attributed to a present day woman. In fact if one searches long enough, she may find still other authors credited.

    Is there any comparison between fair use and plagiarism?


    • I once heard someone joke and said,”If you are taking it from one source, it is plagiarism. If you take it from several sources, it is called ‘reviewing the literature.'” I suppose it would depend on why someone wants to label the act of putting one’s name on something one did not do. If someone has laid claim to Browning’s poem, it makes no difference to me. I might speculate why someone would need to do this, but in the end, any labeling would be to pass judgment, which I am trying so hard not to do. As for owning land, think what it would be like if there were no land titles or country borders. Interesting to consider. I remember as a child being able to ride my horse for very long distances and never encounter a fence. Now I live where every house has a high wall around it (except mine). Thank you for your comments, Beth. I will give this more thought. hugs, pat


  2. Dear Patcegan,
    Really you are great thinker and a frequent writer . Almost everyday I am getting mail from you with new writings. I love it. Keep going!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Very beautifully written! Sometimes we feel that life is all about money and work because we tend not to slow down enough to take in the beauty that surrounds us!


  4. No…life is also about power, control and greed. As cynical as it may seem. The truth seems lost amiss the PC culture of the day. Love, truth and beauty is in the innocence of a childs eyes an actions. There values are taught and received from us adults. Teach your children well…so the song goes.


    • You are right. Even though I could use some extra money, I do not want to use my God-given writing talent to make money. I do not think He gave it to me for that purpose.


  5. It seems in stuffing our world with shiny new things, we’ve shoved aside the kindnesses and pleasantries that once were there. Instead of smiling at another face, we smile at our own in the mirror…
    lovely poem


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