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D reams experimental journey
R eaching into the beyond
E ach a piece of the puzzle
A lerting us to pay attention
M oving us ever forward

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5 Responses to Dream

  1. Reblogged this on dreamiliscious and commented:
    I love all of Pat Cegan’s Source of Inspiration posts…. because, duh! they are always inspiring. 🙂 I really like when she writes these Alpha Bullet Point Poems. They are just so zen perfect and the Phantastical artwork slideshow is indeed a colorful collision of worlds and beauty. The sleeping dreamer slide reminds me of a much more crude piece I painted of myself dreaming… reminding myself to source it and add it to this post. Simply dreamiliscious!


  2. pandoratears says:

    In French, acrostiche, very good, i like it


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