S oaring to other worlds
L etting go for awhile
E ach dream an adventure
E ven a nap will do
P recious hours to rest and renew

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8 Responses to Sleep

  1. omg, precious sleep 🙂
    decided to take a nap yesterday about 3 and woke up today at 5 AM. ahhh..
    (couldn’t have planned that one)
    thanks for your post this morning ♥


  2. bwcarey says:

    Reblogged this on paddypicasso and commented:
    we were once like this, wouldn’t be nice if it could be like this all the time, so peaceful and without fear, another day in paradise


  3. bwcareyb says:

    sweet dreams, amazing what a good sleep can do, amen


  4. What a gorgeous photo !


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