Burdens of Job


Every day brings
a new “challenge”
I know how Job must
have felt. If metal
becomes stronger with
each blow, I must be an
alloy of unparalleled strength.

It is useless to ask why
this chain of events is
occurring. Instead I must
ask for faith to not be
daunted, courage to move
forward, wisdom to learn
from all, compassion to
give empathy, laughter to
sweeten the tasks, serenity
in the knowledge that
there is none else besides
Him, Creator Supreme.

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3 Responses to Burdens of Job

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  2. bwcarey says:

    just to let you know, and i have real proof of this, he listens to the kindest of stories, and yours hit the spot, thanks


  3. nakul_regmi says:

    beautiful combinations of the sliding emotions and qualities of human beings. Beautiful. 🙂


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