Which Side?

dark side

What causes someone to
move into darkness?
Chubby baby…everyone’s
delight becomes a hate-
filled monster, yet a
sibling walks the path of
Light. Genetic destiny,
social influence, karmantic
causes…when did the baby
change? We shudder in horror
at the tale, and secretely
fear our own dark side.

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6 Responses to Which Side?

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  2. If we change, it is because we put something back into the shadow, or find somehing in the shadow that we did not know was there. The shadow can be used for good or ill, but first we have to admit it is there. It is the unacknowledged and uncontrolled shadow that runs rampant


  3. Insightful, concise and darkly lovely. Even more so when “secretly” expressed.


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