On the Edge


I ride the edge of my dreams,
just ahead of my doubts and fears.
Faith keeps the lead
infused with courage by He
who guides and protects me.

Let me not look back for now
is all there is. The future is best
left to when it arrives for there
is much to be done in the now.

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6 Responses to On the Edge

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  2. dykewriter says:

    that’s a nice thought

    I wish I had something to do

    all work and no play
    is as bad as
    all play and no work

    no. what I really want is someone to play with.


  3. eTherapySite says:

    This is a beautiful post!


  4. Forever is promised and that promise is generated by the generation we leave behind, so do your work in the present to ensure a future worth living!!!!


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