Grieve Too Long?


How long can one grieve?
Some say three months, six months
one year; then it becomes
self-indulgence. Where is the
line that one crosses when he
feels as if part of his soul
has been taken? Can grief be
measured in hours, days, years?

Yet it does seem that one must
get on with one’s life eventually,
otherwise, what is the point of
staying? But how does we do this?
Let it go, bury ourselves in busyness,
pretend the pain is not there?

Still, grief is about the griever,
not what has been lost. What makes
us hang on to sadness and despair?
If it is true that we can change our
feelings, certainly there comes a
time in mourning when we must do so.

Faith helps…it always does.

So does getting involved in life
again so we do not stay focused
on ourselves. Not easy, but doable.


  1. I believe that we grieve so long as we still love the one we lost. And that is, I think, the joy that lies in grief: to realize that it is an expression of love. So long as we grieve those loved ones whom we’ve lost, they are alive in us.


  2. Grief has no time limit – grief can not be defined as a one treatment that fits all circumstances. Each incident, each survivor will define the limit of their grief by the depth of the hurt of the loss… this is a good work defining grief and I am not critical of the work, just adding a bit of experience.

    God bless


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