God of Science

What has science brought us:
better ways to live or quicker
ways to kill? Have we traded
technology for faith and
compassion? Is God found in a
test-tube or bomb?

Be careful what you worship.
There is but one Source, that
which is omnipotent, shows us
that good used for evil
purposes becomes the
sword of destruction.

Say “no” to thinly disguised
technology that harms under
the guise of helping. Let
the lesson of the bees remind
us if our sick and dying
loved ones are not enough.


  1. Reblogged this on Teacher as Transformer and commented:
    There is a need to be mindful and fully present in my use of technology. It is a tool and I need to consider the good and harm that can result from the use of this particular tool in this context. This poem is an excellent reminder of this for me.


  2. the problem is less science and more the political/religious/capitolist application

    we used to build things to last down the generations

    now things have new versions a month it seems

    we need to do something to remember we’re social mammals, not locust swarm hive minds


  3. we have been technofried, an attack on the imagination, but now we can use the very same technology to set the problem right, we now know more than ever before.


  4. Science is not in opposition of any would be “god.” Science is simply and truly the path of knowledge, that is it, our pursuit to gaze and start to understand our own wonder. What has science brought us you ask though, how about the lives of countless people through medicine,vaccines and safer technologies, how about sound for the first time to a little deaf girl, or how better food for tables, energy for homes, skype for distant lovers, and on and on.The concepts of god, science, good and evil are not synonymous. Concepts of god or science can be used for good or evil.


  5. “Is God found in a
    test-tube or bomb?”

    Alas, yes, I am. The destruction, sadly, is all Mine.

    But, being every Scientist, I have not woken up yet to knowing who and what I am.


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