Chains That Bind


I can not break the chains
that bind you, forged by
choices you have made. You
wail always that it is
someone else’s fault,
never seeing how you set
your own path with each
choice you make, ignoring
all warnings with your
eagerness to have what you want.

Think carefully before you
act, my friends. There are
consequences for all that we do.


  1. I really like this but i do want to acknowledge that some people are bound by the chains of their “forefathers” meaning their parents, family, etc. & that sometimes there’s a process of becoming unraveled from the bondage that they included you in as a kid. But yes, as an adult, you totally have the choice at that point to decide how you want to live and who you want to be, once you are conscious of your condition & conditioning. great thought-inspiring post.


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