Walking Stick

harmonica bamboo walking stick

I use a walking stick
as I roam the floresta.
It aids my balance, lifts
snakes from my path and
helps me to avoid falls.
This piece of bambo is
not a crutch that I can
lean on, but rather a
temporary helping hand.

It has taught me not to
depend on support from
others, but also not
to be too proud to accept
a helping hand. I have
also learned that I must
not be a crutch to another
for in doing so, I rob them
of their ability to walk alone.

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7 Responses to Walking Stick

  1. dykewriter says:

    I;ve been going out with my Mom forthe last couple of days and have to get ready for anothre outing tonight

    she uses a cane and left it at home

    so I was her walking stick last night

    sometimes it’s better to lean on people than things

    things can’t help when you fall down and can’t get back up without help


  2. wordsthatetch says:

    I must confess that I am to stubborn to use one when I walk in the woods….but your poem did make me think… as I creaked along… 🙂


    • Pat Cegan says:

      In the wild, one should always use a walking stick. I live on game preserve and animals roam freely without threat of being killed. I simply move snakes out of the way, wait for them to leave, or take a different path. Sometimes, I need the balance in crossing a stream, down a steep slope etc. It has little to do with age (prideful that we are) but more a practical tool that has many uses. Get a stick, stubborn, old man! lol, hobble pat


      • wordsthatetch says:

        I suffer from a common male disease… pride 🙂


      • Pat Cegan says:

        Well, there are lessons to be learned from pride. Continue as you are until you feel you do not need the lesson any more. I have a bit of pride myself, I have to admit. hugs, pat


  3. Bob says:

    That is good to see you do not let your pride keep you from something that is of benefit. So many are so pridefull and it is sad when they take the fall that may have been able to have been prevented. I have had to learn that lesson early in life. No regrest! If I want to work in the yard I have to use a cane so I can get up and down with the least amount of pain and stability. No problem. Enjoy your nature walks. “The fun of it all!”


    • Pat Cegan says:

      wise man, hard to be prideful with a broken hip or worse. But I have used walking sticks since my hikeing days in my youth. Now a cane, that I am prideful about using. When I must, I wear a top hat, tap dance and sing, “Singing in the Rain,” fools ’em every time. hugs, pat


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