When we destroy something,
we destroy a part of ourselves.
Some things must be destroyed
to allow expansion, yet there
is a price to pay, often
unknown until the
destruction is final.

To be of the order of the Light,
you must be prepared to give
up everything you hold dear,
even that which before was
how you defined yourself.

To give all is to receive
all, but at a price.

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7 Responses to Destruction

  1. Beautiful lines Pat. Love it. Always wanted to give but not to receive. Help me to give.


  2. dykewriter says:

    makes sense

    I gave my all

    everything I believed in has turned out to not be true

    the price was being destroyed

    I liked the previous poem too
    I tend to try to be forward thinking enough to avoid regrets

    it;s funny how new information can change the perception of the past


    • Pat Cegan says:

      Let your destruction be a new beginning, a new world of opportunity opening, a chance to recreate yourself into the powerful, loving spirit that you are born to be. hugs, pat


      • dykewriter says:

        I have always been who I was born to be

        I just didn’t accomplish what I wanted to

        i got the memo. The world doesn’t need or want me


  3. Geo Sans says:

    all the things
    that identify us
    will one day
    be left behind
    only the words
    the worth of our relationships
    with others
    will be relevant


  4. spartacus2030 says:

    I really, really like this Pat! I think you’ve struck a chord here; and practice makes perfect. You certainly have an intriguing way with words…


    • Pat Cegan says:

      It is intriguing how the poems touch each of us in just the way we need it at the time we read them. You can read this poem again in one month, one year and learn something completely different. Thus the joy of the creative output. hugs, pat


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