The Fragrance of Me

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My perfume does not
come out of a bottle,
or roll beneath my arms.
I don’t need to wash my
mouth with it, or sprinkle
it in my shoes.

How have we gotten of
alarmed at our body
fragrances? Can it
be that our Creator
made stinky errors,
or am I swayed by
companies that want
to sell the idea that
parts of my body innately
smell bad and need to be
doused with chemicals?


  1. Reblogged this on graciousmother2012 and commented:
    The Fragrance of Me? Oh soul can you breathe in the fragrance of your flesh, can you know what fragrance feels like, oh soul, free my soul to feel to sense what fragrance is, fragrance comes from pain, pain comes from abuse of the mind, no soap, no perfume can bring the fragrance of the heart, for one needs to know what Fragrance will bring! Let your heart seek where Fragrance in your life . . .


  2. maybe that’s why relationships don’t last, because we are attracted by a false smell instead of our natural smell.
    a lady had a boil under her armpit from excessive use of deodorants, something to do with aluminium elements blocking her pores.
    now adverts are saying that alu is a good ingredient for some reason


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