How To Learn Unconditional Love

dog rolling

My dog rolled in
something dead. His
coat is matted and
reeks, but he runs
away if I try to
clean him.

He lies at my feet,
wants to lick my hands,
looks at me with adoring
eyes, all the while
emitting an odor that
makes me gag. This dog
is an excellent teacher
of unconditional love!


  1. Reblogged this on graciousmother2012 and commented:
    You ask me how to learn Unconditional Love I say sleep on the rocks, sleep on the stocks, sleep on the steps of life, the life from within, can you meet me there, can you sleep on the rocks of life, the rocks of life shall bring you pain, bring you understanding, can you love me unconditional, can you love those unloveable, can the love from within be the love of God, share one’s love, be love, take love and be unconditional with those that are unloveable, free your mind, free your judgement and let GoD!


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