Freeing Tears


I am learning to cry,
tears roll down my cheeks
freely. I do not brush
them away or apologize
for them. I allow myself
to feel whatever I feel at
the moment, instead of
stuffing it away to smolder.

Let us cry, please. Do not
shame us, or tell us to be
brave. May our tears release
those moments of pain,
allowing us to experience
all that we are. For too
many years I was frozen in
unexpressed sorrow waiting
to be freed.


  1. Reblogged this on graciousmother2012 and commented:
    TEARS, frightened, alone, isolated afraid of tears, tears bring pain, , , oh death is a sting, free me soul from the past that holds me back, holds me back from the present, abuse oh go far away, touch no soul, let me feel and be free to enjoy the freedom that awaits my soul, soul to spirit to heart to the tears that flood my soul, oh free my soul that I may shed tears to feel once again as a child feels her tears . . .


      • Something I wish our men would do instead of acting tough all the time. You know, ask for a shoulder instead of always being that strong shoulder. Glad I was able to share in the reading 🙂 Best wishes, Carmen.


    • Good for you, finally letting go. I was so amazed the first time I cried in public…a friend was listening to a sad story I was telling and the tears just rolled down my cheeks. I loved that neither of us said anything, or acted embarrassed. ‘Twas freeing indeed. Hope you enjoyed being about to feel what you felt and express it naturally. Hugs, pat


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