belly laughs

I like people who make me
laugh, big belly laughs
that bring tears of glee.
The kind of laughter that
starts again when you catch
each other’s eye.

Laughter is one of God’s
gifts that we often take
for granted, but which
sweetens our lives.


  1. Reblogged this on graciousmother2012 and commented:
    Laughs from belly, BellyLaughs can not be torn apart, comes from deep deep within, brings excitement tears fears, brings happiness, brings sense of fulfillment as the baby laughs so shall my soul laugh and be happy let Go and be yourself free yourself and once again enjoy laughter for laughter is good for you like a medicine.. .


  2. One day I was eating lunch with my family in a restaurant and looked across the table to see my teenage daughter absentmindedly shaking the A-1 sauce with the lid off. The stuff was going everywhere! When I sounded the alarm, the look of horror on her face sent me into a laughing fit where my stomach hurt so much I couldn’t breathe. I WENT that “little bit more” and THEN some!


    • I laugh just thinking about it; I bet you do, too. Hope your daughter eventually could laugh about it, too. That’s for sharing….it’s a great story! hugs, pat


      • My WIFE was upset with ME, because, whereas my daughter created a mess, I created a SCENE. I had slid halfway under the table I was laughing so hard, and the manager came over to see what the problem was.


      • My father was pushing his false teeth out at me as a joke in a restaurant; they fell out and bounded under the feet of a woman at the next table. He scurried for his teeth on his hands and knees and looked like he was looking up her skirt. She started shrieking and batting him. Like you, I was laughing so hard I created as much uproar as Dad did. Mom never forgave either of us, but it was worth it. Thanks for the memory…I had forgotten about that funny scene. hugs, pat


      • Hilarious! I laughed out loud! I have another one: I was eating at a restaurant with my wife and mother-in-law when I took a drink from my tumbler of water. I FORGOT that I had put a straw in the glass (I don’t usually for just water), and the straw went up my nose. I pulled the glass away thinking the straw would leave too, but it just hung there. My wife looked over to say something before I could pull the straw out of my nose, and we both started laughing hysterically. We couldn’t stop laughing long enough to tell her mother (or the manager) what had happened. I created another SCENE.


      • lol, that is funny, too. another SCENE…can’t stop laughing. Please invite me to dinner with you all sometime. hugs, pat


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