Let’s Go Home

bluebells with mountains Sometimes I just want
to go home, stop the
quest and rest in the
loving arms of God.

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11 Responses to Let’s Go Home

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  2. Reblogged this on graciousmother2012 and commented:
    Let’s Go Home, , , oh soul, let’s go home, home where the heart is, oh soul, take my spirit and soar like an eagle, take me home, home is safe, where my heart is there is safety. oh soul oh soul God take me home!


  3. Exquisite photograph and a very appealing and comforting poem.


  4. Kurt says:

    Suicide is murder.


    • Pat Cegan says:

      How interesting that you read suicide in this poem. I was not thinking about that at all, only that some days, I want to be held and soothed in this world of increasing madness. I suppose that suicide could be called murder, although that seems like a definition that lacks compassion. Surely, those who commit this desperate act have been failed by the rest of us somehow. What would our world need to be like so that no one would ever think that suicide is the answer to their pain? Ket’s work to create this loving world, shall we? hugs, pat


  5. losmi666 says:

    Reblogged this on fiverrearn.


  6. dykewriter says:

    stunning image


  7. iamlenise says:

    Oh yes, what a lovely idea..long journey, definitely need a true rest every now and again :~)


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