Where Is Heaven?

Friends eating together

A meal shared with friends,
table filled with laughter
and good food, blue skies,
birds singing, flowers swaying
in the breeze. Why do we think
we have to die to go to heaven?

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6 Responses to Where Is Heaven?

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  2. socialbridge says:

    Lovely post! I’d have to add a swim in the sea and a tight hug.


  3. lovely thoughts ♥ paula


  4. anabelac12 says:

    Onde está o Céu?

    Uma refeição partilhada com amigos uma mesa cheia risos e boa comida, o céu azul, pássaros cantando, flores balançando na brisa. Por que pensamos nós, que temos de morrer para ir para o céu?


  5. dykewriter says:

    those things are really great

    when you don’t have those simple things

    you appreciate them more


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