Absolute Certainty

full moon purple mountains

If we knew with absolute
certainty that there was
no life after death, what
would change? Would we be
more loving, more appreciative,
or would the opposite be true?

What if we knew with absolute
certainty that life would
continue after death, would
we change in any way? What
needs to happen to be able to
live contended, loving lives?

We can not answer these
questions alone for we see
only a narrow view. The
mountain is high and difficult
to climb, but the pinnacle
reveals the splendor of
creation, a journey worth
taking, for it leads to our
Creator, wise teacher of all.

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3 Responses to Absolute Certainty

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  2. A very inspiring poem giving end praise to Our Creator – the wisest teacher of all wise men here on planet earth. Loved this poem – thanks for sharing it!!!

    Ciao and Dio te benedica, AMEN!!!


  3. dykewriter says:

    people should make the most of life
    not treat it like a dress rehearsal

    if there’s an afterlife, deal with it then

    work and play well with others in the meantime


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