Into the Infinity


Why is life painful
at times? What we
want is peace,
pleasure, fulfillment
of desires. So why
do we experience pain:
loneliness, sorrow, fear,
anger, hopelessness, guilt?

I want to fill the moments
of life with the beauty
that surrounds me, banish
discord, create harmony,
sence the hum of life,
fragrance of the Divine.
Take this tiny seed of
Light within and let it
ripple out into ever
widening circles of Source
into the infinity.

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3 Responses to Into the Infinity

  1. Chatty Owl says:

    But i think sadness, despair and other negative emotions are needed inside us to keep the balance..


  2. Wyon says:

    pain is part of the mix, you cant avoid it and if you try it can make it worse. Acceptance is the name of the game.


  3. dykewriter says:

    I guess it is very dependent on what the world around one is like


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