helping hand

I believe there is an unstoppable
wave across the world, millions
are awakening to who we really
are. Reach out and help the next
one, spread this love to all.

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2 Responses to Unstoppable

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  2. Peter Russel in his Awekening earth postulated some decades ago that from the information age, which was a kind of awakening of the earth’s ‘mind’ would come a kind of spiritual age – and the great sci fi arthur c clark in his phenomenal ‘childhood’s end’ the same – well i dont mean x men, but evolution to our spirit core – in science too and with science too – as the mysteries of quantum Physics suggests – there was that documentary – down the rabbit hole which linked the spirit to science with daring scientists risking their carees to stick their spiritual necks out – who we really are is so well put.


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