Hatching Eggs and Seeds

bird in shell

The germ is the death
of the seed. As the germ
sprouts, the rest of the
seed falls away. The old
must be relinquished to
give birth to the new.

Do not sit on the germ-less
egg; you waste your warmth
and time. Push the egg without
life from the nest and attend
those eggs which hatch with
the new. If you brood
rotten eggs, no new eggs
can be laid. It seems
merciless to you to push the
putrid egg out, but it steals
life from those ready to come
forth. Indeed, you act from
strength; that which rots
is its own judge. You are just
the giver of warmth. Radiate
this warmth and that which has
the germ of life will hatch while
the other disappears. You are a catalyst.

Praise that which is praise-worthy in all,
but praise only with words of truth,
for lies tear down. Never lie, even
with good intention.


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