Be Not Fooled


Even the greatest is but
a foot-servant of the Divine.
When the Force is with you, only
you know its call for each must
discern, trusting that the Creator
reveals what we are ready to know.
Trust your own inner knowing above
all else. Do not be fooled when
the servant downs the master’s clothes.

There are many deceivers and more
fools. Do not fall victim to their
deception or foolery. Stay in your
place of knowing; guard well your
connection with the Divine.


  1. I’d like to reblog this poem/post . Hope that’s OK.
    Don and I read all your poetry. It really speaks to us, and helps us remember. Thank you.


  2. I love this poem. It appeared in my inbox while I was writing a blog entry about remembering the truth of who I really am and not being deceived by the lies that mind tries to tell me. I’d like your permission to include this poem with a link back to your site in my blog post on Please let me know if that’s okay with you.


  3. Oh, this was just wonderful. I can’t imagine what this human experience would be like without the knowledge of the Divine guiding…as long as I listen. Powerful post. Blessings, Barbara


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