Pure Light

divine gaze

The gaze of the Divine,
never judgmental, holds me steady.
Its power, based in love, anchors me,
guides me, allowing me to be
rooted, yet at the same time,
expanding into spirals of universes.

I am becoming, again and again,
each ecstacy thrusting me upward
and outward, ever expanding waves
beyond the beyond. Until, at last
I am pure Light.


  1. It is just a matter of time that the light will be focused on you
    But at that particular time
    One has the capability of absorbing that light, that wisdom?
    Because the light will come to all once in a lifetime
    He is watching constantly and deciding when, where and whom to give the light
    In all this, only a slightest possible ray of light will suffice for a lifetime
    But when He puts you under His light, His grace
    Alas, there is a very thin line between absorbing and reflecting it back
    Indeed, there is a very thin line between affluence and evilness


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