Absence of Love


Fear is the absence of love.
However, in reality, we are
never without love for we
are of the Creator,inseparable
parts of Him. We have created
a story of separation, a wrathful
God surrounded by those who
punish when we err. This idea
is totally opposite from what
the Divine truly is. As the
Creator is the Source of pure
love energy, it is impossible
for Him to be wrathful, vengeful.

In actuality, He wants us to be
loving, peaceful, happy and is
constantly with us to help us
grow closer to the Light. Let go
of old teachings that foster
fear in you. Know that you are
never alone; always there is a
host of guides and guardians to
help you along the way. If you
experience fear, you have strayed
from the path. Center yourself,
call for the Light to fill you
and illuminate you way.
And so it is. Amen.


  1. Wonderful!
    Shams-ud-din Muhammad Hafiz (1320-1389) said:
    Close your eyes for a moment
    And maybe all your fears and fantasies
    Will end.
    If that happened
    God would become an infant in your
    And then you
    Would have to nurse all


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