Non-Silent Silence

blue bird on liliac

A chorus of bird song sings
counter-point to the cock crow.
Rain washed breezes murmur
through the dense new growth
stimulated by daily rains. The
silence of the floresta is healing
and never is truly silent as the
Mother of the Floresta and those
who attend her murmur, sigh, and
sing the songs of nature.

These past weeks have been a roar
into the new year, finishing old
lessons, starting new ones. I
treasure the morning silence filled
with the life sounds of nature.
Pages fill with poetry, my pen
seldom pausing. The Master has
much to say.

I listen and learn. I know the
messages criscross the globe
bringing wisdom and the message
of love to seekers everywhere.

An old cycle has finished, the world
survived and now surges forward. I
am grateful for all I learned. Now
I start a whole new cycle, unburdened
by the past, which burned away,
leaving the new to rise up our of the ashes.


  1. I am always inspired when I take a respite here among your creations – delivered by Source. Thank you for being so faithful and sharing with us. xoxo bb

    I do not “do” many awards, but I could not pass this one up in
    order to pass it on to you. I have nominated you for Blogger of the Year Award for 2012 … well deserved. Thank you for wonderful moments of reading in 2012.


    • Thank you for the honor you give Source of Inspiration, BB. It is a privilege to be the one who receives these poems from Source. I stand in awe of the whole thing. I also am inspired by them and have learned so much from them. Your blog, too, shines forth with Light and joy. Thank you for sharing it with us. hugs, pat


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