Integrity — Yours and Mine


How is it that we can do
a hundred good things and
no one pays attention, but
let us slip once and we
hear about it for the rest
of our lives?

I have had my trust broken
many times, sometimes in
small ways, other times in
important circumstances. I
place a high value on integrity,
mine and others. When I make
a promise and break it, I am
not keeping that integrity.
I say, I do. So simple a
concept, so why do we fail
to do it at times?

Unity can not exist without
trust, and trust is built
with integrity. It is pivotal
to mankind living in harmony
with all. Let us be diligent
about guarding our word. If
we make a commitment, let
us keep it. If for some reason
we can not, we must let the other
know so we do not break their
trust. So simple, but it takes moral
strength to remain firm with this.


  1. Reblogged this on dyke writer and commented:
    I’ve heard it takes only one mistake
    to make people forget all the good things you have done

    and that it takes 7 heroic deeds to make people forget that one mistake

    but I think the measurable is more about how one handles the aftermath of mistakes

    accountability and corrective actions taken

    rather than other options


  2. This poem makes me smile Pat

    in certain circles, I am known as
    The Integrity Fairy

    and that it’s not spoken as a compliment
    has been something of a pride thing for me

    because very few people have any idea
    of just how exactly that integrity compass
    cuts both ways


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