One Hand Applause

Can one hand applaud?
No, both hands must
join together to clap.
But will a hand applaud
without the pleasure
of the mind? Can an
empty head understand,
enjoy, then clap with
pleasure? And certainly
the heart must join in
for who enjoys the play
when one has sorrow? All parts
are needed to complete the one.

The gates of heaven
do not open until all
are assembled and ready.

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4 Responses to One Hand Applause

    • Pat Cegan says:

      Just when I think I have seen everything, something else arrives that astounds me. How do you find these things, Nina. BTW, of course, I had to try this but was unable to do it. Guess this talent is not given to everyone. Thanks for starting my day with a laugh! hugs, pat


      • Nina says:

        I hadn’t realized that firguring out how to one handed clap was a challenge

        until Bart Simpson did it

        so now, these things are everywhere.


  1. So true. What a lovely thought Pat.


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