Let your wanting grow
beyond desire, let it
throb, echo across the
valley of life. Cry out
in the night with longing
until this need becomes
your only focus. It is
then that your true
spiritual journey begins.
Before, the child just
made mud pies.

let the children play!

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4 Responses to Wanting

  1. Alix Moore says:

    Hi Pat,
    Interesting poem. Why wanting? For me, the spiritual journey lies in acceptance and looking beneath daily life for the lessons that I am working on. I am interested to know why you resonant with wanting as a driving force . . . care to explain?


    • Pat Cegan says:

      Hi, Alix, we are talking about two different things. The awakening force of spirituality, one might say, is our longing to be one with our Creator. It is this desire, this passion, that causes us to focus our inner most attention to understanding and wanting the pure love energy of the Creator. Once we experience this, even in its most minute form, it opens our heart and we long for more. This longing attracts the Light and we begin to open more and more as we are able to. Spirituality is not of the material world. When we talk about our day to day lives, and our need to let life unfold graciously, to be in the present, etc., we speak of the corporal world where these practices occur. Your focus on acceptance of what life brings along with learning from each one, is wise for where you are now and not in opposition to what I am saying about fanning the fire of desire for the Creator, which is more of the spiritual realm. It is difficult to speak of these things for words limit us so. As more years pass, this longing has become a focus for me with all else secondary. Of course, I live and function in this world, but my soul, that core of me, is focused on growing in Oneness. Thanks for commenting and causing me to think even more about this. hugs, pat


      • Alix Moore says:

        Hi Pat,
        Thanks for taking the time to reply so thoroughly. I have to think some more about this myself. My immediate response is that the seeing of life as a journey, as lessons, as something greater than this one physical incarnation, brings the peace of divine connection into my daily life as I live with spirit fully present in my body, connected to the all that is but also here in the now of Alix Moore this lifetime.
        Are we saying two different things or not? I suspect we are somewhere in the same place, using as you say, different words.
        Love and light,


  2. Nina says:

    razor laser sharp


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