No Time for Tears


Do not cry in my presence.
There is no more time for
tears and excuses. You are
not my puppet for I filled
you with the Force of Life.

Stand tall, be firm, ignore
your enemies for they are
made of smoke. You are your
enemy when you rattle your
bones in mock fear. Would I
make a fearful creature?
Never! Fear is an excuse for
not doing. So is guilt and
any form of self-deprecation.

Ha! I made you strong, beautiful,
uniquely you and you clothe
yourself in rags. Don the cloak
of purple; wear the crown I
place upon your head. Be who I
made, not some ghost of sorrow
and woe. I am your Lord,
Omnipotent in Love. You are of
me. Be no less! Amen!

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3 Responses to No Time for Tears

  1. StHaelRazor says:

    This one made me cry. I can only hope to live by the Truth you have so eloquently shown to those of us who truly need your inspiration and faithful wisdom. You are a jewel that sparkles with the understanding that comes from beyond. Thank you. All my love to you dearest sister. Zor’ra


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