When the Time Is Ripe

When the time is ripe,
it will happen. Believe
it and this knowing will
grow in you. It is not faith,
hope, or wishing. Rather it
is a knowing–unwavering
that rings a true note.

The sphere of light is
placed in your hands. A
child plays with this ball,
but the awakened adult
creates with it.

The adult must be reborn,
large withers to small,
hard turns to dust, weak
grows it strength,
superfluous falls away
leaving the diamond
multi-facted, and pure,
filled with the Light of
Source, One with All.

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4 Responses to When the Time Is Ripe

  1. Amen Pat! Hope you are keeping well.


  2. Alix Moore says:

    Now this rings true! I love that the child plays with it and the adult creates with it. Exactly!


  3. Nina says:

    cool graphic
    and the poem really speaks to me too


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