For clarity, define the essence
of your work–not your job, but
your soul’s purpose. Go within
and ask, then be still to hear
your inner voice, for each of
us is called to serve. All life
is interconnected; when we help
another, we also receive. Be of
good heart for all is as it
should be according to Divine plan.

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7 Responses to Clarity

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  3. dpbowman says:

    So often people are berated for a midlife “crisis”….Crisis literally means “turning point”. Maybe it is we each reach a point where we hear that soul’s purpose call, but only a few brave that turning point and grasp it! ~Regards, Dan


    • Pat Cegan says:

      Your words reverberate the truth. Fear stifles and eventually smothers our opportunity to grow. It is a cowardly way of avoiding the inevitable. Thank you for your thought that make us think. hugs, pat


  4. timkeen40 says:

    As a man who finally listens to what he was meant to do, his real life’s work, I hear you loud and clear.



  5. Nina says:

    stunning image

    that’s more like the photos I was trying to do from my garden or more macro even


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