Loved by an Animal

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When one is loved by
an animal, one discovers
love without limits. Those
who do not “like” animals
lose out on a quality of
love found only in this bond.
Can we truly love each
other when we can’t love an animal?

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6 Responses to Loved by an Animal

  1. This is so beautiful. I love my little dachsund, Dayna with all my heart x She is so loyal and loving and truly adorable.


  2. Wow… what a really cool post.


  3. Animals love unconditionally, they really do….


  4. SereneNSassy says:

    So much beauty in our world…this was a great way to begin my day. Love, Peace & Many Blessings…


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  6. Nina says:

    love me, love my pets. totally.

    the problem is being bipetual in a cat person vs dog person world


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