Following Our Biorhythms

English: Lunar libration. see below for more d...

Moon cycles, tide changes,
season shifts, bears in
hibernation give us
many examples of how life
exists in rhythms. Before
electricity, people lived
their lives in tune with
the cycles of life, sleeping
and waking with the sun. My
family did this to some extent
on the farm. I have gone back
to this and find a peacefulness
in allowing myself to sleep when
I want, eat when I want rather
than by custom.

I am relearning how to feel
the currents of life, to be
in the flow rather than struggling
against it. We are part of a grand
matrix, not moats floating in the
air spun here and there by the
demands of a life-style that
ignores our core beingness.


  1. Waking and sleeping in tune with the sun (natural light) is a life-changing process… it may be difficult in some ways, but is well worth it.


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